Saturday, July 28, 2012

When Gay Rights Advocates Become the Very Thing They Fight Against

In continuation of my posts on the recent protests against Chik-fil-A...

Strangely enough, some homosexuals with agendas for gay marriage often become the very bigotry, the very hatred that they so oppose, that they so claim to be fighting against.
 As my dad writes:
I find it hateful when people call pro-family groups "hateful." I find it intolerant when people call the same groups "intolerant." I threw away my crystal ball decades ago because it didn't work so well. But "tolerant" "liberals" sure seem to know what we're all thinking and are all motivated by, don't they?

I'm glad tolerance for gays has grown over the last generation. I oppose their political lobby, however, when it asks for superior rights. They have the right to marry the opposite sex. They want more. They want to marry the same sex. That's not equality; it's superiority.

Hatred usually results from abuse or from a cycle of poor upbringing. I was beat up by a Mexican gang in high school. I don't hate them; but IF I did, and I committed a crime against a Latino, I could be tried for a hate crime. Yesterday's "extenuating circumstances," as dictated by liberality, has become a "hate crime," as dictated by the same liberals. It appears to me that liberals don't base their positions on principle. They base their positions on whatever tugs their heart strings. Today, it just happens to be the G-string.
I've been judged as a bigot and worse before, and it hurts me deeply that people judge me solely on our differences and neglect to notice how much I care about and love the homosexual friends I do have.

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