Monday, July 9, 2012

Esau was a Food Addict

OK, so maybe the title of this post was a bit off, but it cuts right to the point of what I want to say.
In Genesis 25-26 we meet Esau and Jacob, sons of Isaac. We learn that when Esau came home hungry one day, he sold his birthright to Jacob in exchange for a warm meal. He must have been really hungry, or at least thought he was!

I know that's one of my major problems as a food addict. I don't go through an entire bag of m&ms in one sitting, but I sure do snack a lot. And I quickly fall into depress when I realize just how much I've eaten in a day and just how unlikely an improvement in my health is if I continue this way.

I'm just like Esau, giving up the better life for the satisfaction of the moment. And this doesn't just apply to food.

How often do we put aside God's better plans for our own?

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