Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are you ready for a purity ring? Things to consider when buying a purity ring.

Are you ready to commit? 

I thought about buying a purity ring several times before I finally bought one, and I'm glad I waited. It was not until a desperate moment in which God changed my heart forever that I knew I needed to change directions, empty my Amazon.com basket, and buy a purity ring. When I got the ring in the mail, it came with a small card for me to sign as a commitment to living a pure life. Do not sign that card, do not put that ring on, unless you are ready to commit. Otherwise, nothing will change,  you'll kick yourself every time you fail, and the ring will lose its meaning to you and likely become a reminder of your failures rather than of God's transforming grace.

Does the verse on it mean something to you?

There are a lot of options out there that just have symbols on them, and that's perfectly fine. But I chose a simple ring with a verse on it because of the reminder I knew it would provide me beyond just having something solid on my finger. My ring says "Create in me a pure heart oh Lord." It reminds me of an old worship song I once sang as a child. "And renew a right spirit within me." This is the prayer of my heart. Having it next to me 24/7 creates an amazing reminder of that prayer when I am tempted.

Do you have a purity ring? How has it helped you?

What are your questions as you consider buying a purity ring?


  1. I am considering buying a purity ring. I've always been committed to remaining pure... rather God who has never left me has been committed to me remaining pure and protected me from several very nasty situations that should have ended tragically. And even as my faith grew in the Lord and his Word I always said "why would I wear a jailers costume As though I've already murdered to remind me not to murder?! For "the word of God is inscribed on my heart" 1 John?:?"
    However, recently, I've started looking into it again, because as I enter college and open myself up a little more to the male world I want my commitment to be very clear to the world, and I think in a college where 2/3rds of all girls have STD's a purity ring can be a fantastic testimony.

    1. Great comments Izzi! For me it was very much an issue of a sin I was already dealing with, but you make a great point in that many do not deal with that particular sin and don't necessarily need that reminder, which is surely something to consider when thinking about buying a purity ring.

      Like you said, though, it can make a statement to the world. And although I may not deal with one particular time, that doesn't leave out the possibility of it becoming an issue at some point some day.

      And in a world full of promiscuity and gay rights issues, it can be good to have a reminder of what the Bible says about purity, as well as God's perfection in creating things the way they are created.

      And sometimes it's not about using it as a reminder. Sometimes it's just making a solid commitment to something you already hold to be true. I once heard an amazing story about a woman who gave her purity ring to her husband as a wedding present. She never dealt with sexual temptation, but that ring still meant a great deal to her new husband, and it served as a symbol of that woman's patience in waiting for the man God had in store for her.