Thursday, June 28, 2012

God's Sovereignty is Like a Children's Book

GOD'S sovereignty is like one of those pick your own story books where you choose what happens next. No matter what you choose as the next chapter, it's always the same ending. His will prevails.

Remember Jacob in the Old Testament? He and his mother schemed so that he would get his older brother's blessing and inheritance. When Esau and Jacob were born, God told Isaac that the younger would rule over the older, but Isaac favored Esau and tried to give him the blessing instead of following God's guidance. Although Jacob and his mother acted wrongly, God used the bad to bring about His good purpose.

We find similar situations throughout the Bible. God lets most things take their own course; but He does place boundaries on enough select events so that His will comes to pass.

Does God know everything, past, present and future? What other ways are there of understanding God's sovereignty? How do you relate to the story of Jacob?

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